What to Wear


Almost every lifestyle party has a theme, and dressing for these themes is half the fun.

Every Las Vegas club has a different theme every weekend. I just looked at the Whispers Las Vegas website, and their last party weekend’s theme was School Girl. Many people dressed like naughty schoolgirls, coeds, teachers, etc.

You don’t have to dress for the theme. Many people in Las Vegas decide to attend these parties at the last minute. So if the theme is “Red” and you don’t have anything red, go anyway. Just dress sexy, and you’ll fit in perfectly.

Dress Codes for Men

The dress codes at Las Vegas swinger clubs mostly deal with men’s clothing. Why? Because women usually dress to impress, and many men need some guidance.

You see this all over Las Vegas, even at the high-end restaurants. Women are in a stunning cocktail dress and high heels, and their dates are wearing cargo shorts, sandals, and a T-shirt. Society has gotten far more “casual” over time, but men have gone straight to sloppy. The good news is that because most men dress so casually, it’s easy to be the best-dressed man in most places.

Read each club’s website. There is usually information about the dress code. For example, PlayhouseLV’s website states, “Men, no open-toed shoes, and hats MUST be APPROVED before arrival. They should look classy and go with your outfit.”

Respect those guidelines and dress to impress. Check this out. Who do you think would get more action at a party, Steve Carell or Ryan Gosling?

Women seeking men at these clubs are looking for a man, not someone who dresses like her six-year-old. While everyone’s style differs, button-down shirts and dress shoes will separate you from most swinger single men (and most men in general!).

Women’s Clothing Tips

Women, wear whatever makes you feel the most fuckable. Sorry to use such a crude word, but everyone knows what that phrase means. If you feel the hottest in jeans, heels, a low-cut top, and a push-up bra, wear that. You’ll fit in and look fantastic.

Maybe you prefer to wear lingerie and a cover-up. Perfect.

The most popular outfits at swinger clubs are cheap party dresses from Amazon. That’s because they are so easy to match to a theme. Here is a green dress perfect for a “green,” “spring,” or “St. Patrick’s Day theme” that costs $5.99.

Pool Parties

If you’re attending a Las Vegas Swinger Club’s pool party, casual wear is the name of the game. I recently attended one at Whispers, and most people were nude. That’s one way not to have to worry about what you’re wearing!

The Bottom Line

Dress to impress in whatever makes you feel hot, and you’ll have a blast.