What to Bring

First, take a careful look at each club’s website. Some require identification, for example. Here is a general overview of what you should bring inside.


Most clubs are BYOB, so bring alcohol if you’re a drinker. We urge you to decide how much alcohol is correct for you to consume for an evening of fun, and then bring only that amount. If you bring a handle of vodka, for example, and expect to limit yourself while buzzed, you’re on track to overindulge and ruin your evening.

Most clubs have free mixers onsite, but again, read the website carefully. Some are alcohol-free.


Be sure to check with the club to see if they have a smoking area, and if so if cannabis is allowed. It is a legal substance in Nevado, but each club will have their own rules about use.

ED Medication

Heed this advice, or end up embarrassed…

Men will almost certainly not be able to get an erection when swinging without ED medication. Swinger sex is not regular sex. You may be in an unfamiliar environment with someone you met only an hour earlier. You can hear dance music and random conversations, and people may be watching you.

Condoms also add a layer of complexity because your brain must snap out of the primitive instincts of sexual penetration to the process of finding, unwrapping, and applying a condom.

Oh, and your partner may be getting fucked right beside you.

Your cock doesn’t have a fighting chance. Even if you’re young, healthy, and have never experienced erectile dysfunction before, it will happen at a swinger club.

For this reason, virtually everyone in the swinger lifestyle uses ED medication.

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Vibrators, Lube, and Other Sex Accessories

If you’re the kind of person who orgasms easier with a vibrator, bring it! Same with lube, condoms, and other things necessary for quality sex. Even if you and your partner fuck only each other, those things can make sex safer, more comfortable, and more fun, so bring them. No one will think that’s strange.

Most swinger couples have something they call a “play bag” that has all of these goodies packed inside.