We’ve owned and managed a swinger club in Chicago for eight years. Over those years, we’ve held over 200 parties with 16,000 couples. We can tell you from experience that the people you meet in swinger clubs are the best.

That’s 32,000 people. Many are drinking, nude, having sex, and hooking up with strangers.

Nudity, sex, and alcohol all feel like a recipe for disaster—yet there’s never been a fight or even an argument! If I managed an Applebee restaurant, I’d have to kick someone out every weekend. Swinger clubs are the safest environment in any community.


Swingers are level-headed professionals. You know that guy at a nightclub or bar who wants to fight anyone who looks at his girlfriend? The guy who pretends to be tough because he’s so profoundly insecure?

Those morons don’t go to swinger clubs. So any swinger club in Vegas is a reasonably safe place.

Here are some frequently asked questions about swinger clubs.

Is it ok to attend if we don't want to have sex?

Absolutely. Most people attending swinger lifestyle events are not hooking up with anyone that evening. Some of the couples are even monogamous and want a fun adventure.

How do we turn people down?

You should not have to do this. People generally only ask to touch (or more) after a substantial amount of flirting. If you aren’t flirting back, they will likely mingle away and go chat with someone else.

Even though you probably won’t need to turn anyone down, if you do, a simple “No thank you” is sufficient.

How do we flirt?

Some people enter the lifestyle after being married for 10, 20, or even 30 years. Flirting can feel very strange!

Compliments go a long way. If you find someone attractive, tell them that. You’ll make their night even if they aren’t particularly interested in you or your partner.


Swinger clubs are not orgies. They are simply a place for people to meet other like-minded people. There are also spaces for new friends to have sex if they choose to.

Like any sexual situation, you should discuss STD status with potential sexual partners.

Generally speaking, swingers do not have higher STD rates than the general population. As mentioned earlier, people in the lifestyle are almost always excellent folk, and they are just as concerned about STDs as you are.

Click here to learn more about STIs in the lifestyle by downloading this free guidebook. 

What Else Should We Know?

Men will almost certainly not be able to get an erection when swinging without ED medication.

Swinger sex is not regular sex. You’re often in an unfamiliar and public environment with someone you met only an hour earlier. You can hear dance music and random conversations, and people may be watching you.

Condoms add a layer of complexity; your brain must snap out of the primitive instincts of sexual penetration to the process of finding, unwrapping, and applying a condom.

Oh, and your partner may be getting fucked right beside you.

Your cock doesn’t have a fighting chance. Even if you’re young, healthy, and have never experienced erectile dysfunction before, it’s almost certain that it will happen at a swinger club.

For this reason, virtually everyone in the swinger lifestyle uses ED medication.

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